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Welcome to Spitronics

Specialising in the design, manufacture, and development of standalone Engine & Transmission Management systems. This compact, reliable, ‘Wire & Play’ ECU & TCU is easily customized to suit a wide variety of applications ranging from Racing engines, Custom builds, Conversions and also offers an inexpensive solution for Aftermarket Replacement Units suitable for most production vehicle models.

Proof that Spitronics craftsmanship and technology is never short of performance, is our clients’ outstanding competition results in a wide variety of racing classes such as Off-Road Trials, Circuit Racing, Drag, and Drift Racing, and Rally Cross.

The Spitronics product range with real-time tuning drives the “do-it-yourself” concept forward for both enthusiasts and professional markets.

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Research & Development

Rather than outsourcing any developmental aspect our in-house R & D team, manned by our own electronic, software and mechanical engineers and developers accompanied by the best equipment available, is devoted to the development of innovative technology and continuous product and software feature advancement.

Dealer Network

From our independent wholesalers, dealers and distributors both locally and abroad our networking structure and online activation system allows for competitive pricing structures and enables personalised after-sales service, installation advice, and technical support.


The benefits of product training cannot be overstated! Learning first hand from Spitronics personnel is the ideal way to really get to know your system. Training is offered on a regular basis and in turn assists independent users, distributors and dealers to keep up with the latest releases and technologies offered by Spitronics allowing for a better end user to experience and optimal product purchased value.


Spitronics makes use of surface mount technology and an automated machine process for production manufacturing. This process produces a more reliable, quality controlled product and allows for smaller physical product dimensions with the added benefit of reducing production costs. Latest electronic hardware components are sourced to ensuring future technological upgrades, capabilities and endurance.

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