How to become a Spitronics dealer

✅Mechanical and Auto electronics experience is recommended as is an understanding of basic PC navigation. Installation and Tuning experience is essential. You will need to have a good product knowledge basis and a high standard of workmanship.

✅If in SA we recommend doing a Spitronics training course and meeting the agent hosting the course. This agent will then become your area wholesaler whom you will buy directly from and will in turn offer his technical support and assistance directly to you. You will become a dealer of that agent.

✅If you are not SA-based and cannot make our training then get familiar with our comprehensive technical manuals, documentation and software. All data is freeware and available from our downloads section on our website. https://support.spitronics.com/downloads/

 ✅We work on a basic qualifying turnover of at least 3 – 7 units per month, however, this depends on the area you are servicing, competing established dealers and the service facility of your establishment or business presence including but not limited to that of Google or Socials

✅ You are expected to offer sales and support as well as technical assistance to your client base.

 If you are interested complete the application and an agent will be in touch to chat.

Apply here. Fill in the application and answer a few questions.

The Spitronics team will then process your application and a representative will be in touch.