E41 P2 2Relay Preferred Output Harness (Replaces E33) (Only used where extra power is required)



Products that can use this harness
• Venus3, Orion2, Orion, Saturn, Pluto, Venus, Titan

Note: The E41 P2 2Relay Harness replaces the older E33 – (10 – Way) Harness

This is one of the preferred 2 Relay Output harnesses because it contains wires for all the options on Orion2. The manual drawings for explanation are based on wire colours. If you select another P2 harness look at the GP Priority layout for the correct wire colours.

This latest style Level 1 harness is part of the easy install series for Orion2. The harness contains all ECU connections from the 10-Way Connector for most engine combinations.

Download the PDF Drawing E41_P2 2Relay Output Harness
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