Mercury Electronic Relay



The Mercury Electronic Relay is the high quality solid state relay. It has no contacts that can burn or foul up.
The relay can handle 45 Amp and is epoxy sealed.

The driver is over-current and over temperature protected in short circuit circumstances.

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The Mercury Electronic Relay is designed to eliminate mechanical parts and contacts found in relays.
It is more durable and has current limit protection of 45 Amp. This relay will be switched on or off by the Mercury2 on the ELR output. It will power the coils, injectors, fuel pump etc. Note that when you use this relay as a power relay then put the Engine Shutdown in Fuel First mode.

The Mercury Electronic Relay is also used as a fuel pump driver when fuel pressure control is activated. It is the PWM controlled to change the power to the fuel pump. It is driven by a positive signal from the ECU.

The Mercury Electronic Relay is also used as a injector driver for dual injector systems where there is not enough drivers available for all the injectors. in these cases the injectors will share the Mercury2 driver and the secondary bank will have their power controlled via the relay by the mercury2. It is driven
by a positive signal from the ECU.

Note that a fuse before this relay is required to protect the circuits from over current. 45 Amp can melt
thinner wires causing a fire hazard.

Relay Maximum current – 45 Amp protected

LED Indication
Yellow Power on indication

Power required
12V 45 Amp

1x Relay Trigger input – 5 to 18 volt for On condition, 0-1 volt for Off condition.

1x 12 Volt output 45 Amp

Size 49 x 45mm x 21mm
Weight 50g Epoxy Filled
4 x Fly Leads

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