Spitronics Simulator3 (Controller Only)



Optional for dealers to test Spitronics Devices.

The Spitronics Simulator3 is a diagnostic tool designed to help you test Spitronics products. The Spitronics simulator3 is compatible with: – Spitronics ECU’s; EMU, TITAN, VENUS, VENUS3, PLUTO, PLUTO2, SATURN MERCURY and MERCURY2 – TCU’s; TITAN, NEPTUNE, NEPTUNE2, MERCURY and MERCURY2 – Firing modules; F10, F11 and all newer modules – Idle control1/2; TYPE 1 and 2 – Selective non Spitronics management units with the correct harness for the simulator.

Please read through the manual to make sure you follow the correct setup requirements.

Simulator3 Firmware 

Simulator3 Manual

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