Venus3 Signal Converter Unit


The Signal Converter Board comes with the C01 P1 Input Harness and the C02 P2 Output Harness


The Venus3 Signal Converter Unit is not an ECU but a Signal Converter device – It reads the old engines’ signals when you do an engine conversion on a build, replacing an engine in the car with a different one. This minimizes the work time of finding the pick-ups and setting up gear tests by a huge margin. If you do engine conversions or rebuilds this Venus3 Signal Converter unit works on all managements and engines including diesel.

The Signal Converter Board comes with the C01 P1 Input Harness and the C02 P2 Output Harness

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The C03 P1 Harness is the alternative harness option (not included)
This harness is used when this product is used without an ECU where the rpm signal is found in the engine bay on a sensor.

Check out the C03 P1 Input Harness


The Venus3 Signal Converter will generate crank and cam signal patterns for different engines. This
is used mostly in conversions where another engine type is fitted in a car, and the original ECU
requires the crank and cam sensors to keep the body computer or dashboard alive so that other
functions are still operating. This is all done by electronics and there is no need to fit trigger wheels
on the crank and cam plates. This product can be used with any management system.

The signal converter uses the Venus3 hardware with reduced components. The firmware can also be
loaded in a Venus3 ECU in Basic class or higher. Note that the reduced board will also be basic class
although it will be priced lower due to reduced components. It can work with any combination RPM
signal and generate a signal pattern for specific engine signals. For example, if you connect a 36-1
Ford signal to the signal converter it can generate a Jeep 6Cyl crank and cam signal pattern for their
original ECU. This will then make the Tacho gauge work correctly.

The signal converter can accept a magnetic or hall signal as an input. It will generate 2 open collector
signals for the crank and cam signal. Should you require a square wave signal you may add a 1K
pullup resistor to the output. I you require a magnetic output signal you may require a Capacitor and
2x1K pullup resistors per output.

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