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    Before continuing please note that below is our Technical Questionnaire form which is optional and supplied for a mutual convenience and featured here in order to assist in the estimate process of choosing the correct product for your application especially if you are new to the brand.


    To get started on an estimate please take careful note of the following and complete the form using the guided examples below the prompts and fill in where necessary:

    • In order to provide you with the most efficient service and accurate Estimation we have put together a basic guideline of questions we would usually need answered when choosing a product for your application.
    • In order for us to effectively assist you with your enquiry please complete all relevant fields * in the Technical Questionnaire.
      As all engines/ gearboxes are unique once we receive your completed Request we will respond to your application, however we may require further information and will then get in-touch.
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    • Due to International time zoning your request typically will be attended to in 24hrs.
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    • Alternatively - click in the ‘EMAIL ME BACK’ box provided in the form and a representative will contact you directly in due course.
    • Need further assistance email the pics to (Please reduce the resolution so that the email does not become too large) Idea: Take a picture of the item and the connector pin view to give us an idea if you are not sure.


    This is a “Wire & Play” system, and some connections and tuning will need to be done and every effort has been done to ensure an easy installation, however not all installs are the same due to engine variations and different vehicle specifications. We advise a basic understanding of electronics and mechanics for installation processes & for software installation. The downloadable FREE technical manual (See links below) needs to be read prior to installation to ensure a smooth install and to enable the product/s to function at optimally. Please see our Terms & Conditions concerning warrantees and other relevant information also available on our website under the Manuals & Downloads section. Please be advised that this automated estimate request is not a quotation but an estimate and is used to assist us in gathering necessary information prior to supply of a quotation and merely assists us on an automated level to speed up the process as well as eradicating miscommunications.

    *Please be advised that Spitronics has no affiliation to any of the examples of any brand names used in this automated request form and are merely used as guides to help you identify specs from your applications’ / products’ technical requirements or prerequisites. Spitronics will never sell or supply any of your information to third parties or disclose any personal information shared other than internally in the Spitronics family.

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