The Spitronics Orion2 is a versatile automotive controller that can be used as an Engine / Transmission or Throttle by Wire Control  unit. The controller is a stand-alone application and our system is a Wire & Play with Plug and Play options also available for most set ups.

The Orion2 covers features such as;
• Lambda control,
• Idle control,
• Launch control,
• Anti-Lag Control,
• Flat Shift control,
• Rapid Fire Exhaust Control,
• Cam control,
• Stepper motor control,
• Throttle by wire Control,
• Boost control,
• Line pressure control,
• Tiptronic and lots more…..

This controller can drive basic coils, smart coils, injectors, solenoids, throttle by wire motors etc. directly.

It can read direct signals from sensors such as;
• water & air temperature,
• throttle position,
• manifold pressure,
• crank angles,
• cam angles,
• lambda,
• fuel pressure etc.

This Spitronics Orion2 controller can be easily customized for most engines or transmissions and can be used for various applications such as racing engines, vehicle conversions, custom builds & aftermarket replacement units for most production engines.

  • Designed to connect directly to most sensors and drive units found on engines, transmissions and other products – no need to modify them!
  • Its compact design makes it easy to mount in the driver’s compartment.
  • The hardware is built using the latest high speed micro controllers.


Epoxy fill options are available for rugged terrain or extreme off-road conditions too.

  • Our controllers are sold in different class options making it affordable to use for smaller applications.


Standard Class (simple trigger / Distributor type)

Intermediate Class (complex trigger / Distributor type)

Advance Class (advanced features / Multi coil type)

Ultimate Class (racing features / Multi coil type)

The Spitronics Hyperspace tuning software is user-friendly, free to download from our website and makes all the above features customizable by the tuner. This makes the Orion2 adaptable for most applications on site. This product can also be reprogrammed remotely by a software bootloader

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