Variable RPM Revv Limiter Pot



Spitronics ‘Like it Loud ‘ Revv Limiter dongle

Price R360 + ULTIMATE Class required to use this software.


This feature is only available in our Ultimate firmware Class using Hyperspace Version 3.6 and higher. Products currently running Ver 3.6 are Venus3, Orion2 Mercury2 and Mercury3.
You will require a POT box and harness to activate the features. This can be purchased from EeziRider or any of our Dealers that carry stock. You may manufacture your harness if you are capable. The drawing section will explain that.
The ultimate class also unlocks a host of racing features which you can now use as well. You will be required to set up your ECU for these features. The tuning section below will explain that.

Note: (Mercury2 requires a Firmware programmer to upgrade the firmware.)

***If you are not sure what class your device is using send us an email at or WhatsApp to


Take Note: These features will create excessive heat in the Turbo and exhaust plus the acoustic bangs can destroy the silencers. Retarded Timing may also affect the engine’s lifetime due to excessive heat. The spark plugs may also foul as a result of extended use of this feature. Spitronics will not take any liability for any losses or damage due to this feature.
The normal Engine limiter will now also work with rapid fire. The engine limiter will not alter timing or fuel ratios.
Take note: Rapid-fire only works in Spark Only mode as it will be dangerous to cut fuel as it could create lean mixtures. And you need the spark to ignite unburned fuel in the exhaust for sound effects.
The launch limiter is used for the sound effects and it will alter timing or fuel ratios according to the launch parameters. This will allow timing to be retarded up to -30 degrees and the fuel can be enriched.



This feature allows you to combine the Variable Launch RPM limiter with a variable Rapid-fire frequency and implement the launch control ability to retard timing after TDC with fuel enrichment for the flame effect in the exhaust.


This firmware is slightly modified for exhaust sound effects. There are no new settings in the software but merely the way it is implemented.
Please note that Dual-map and Flat-shift input will be used for the Rapid-fire frequency selection. So, you need to decide on what is important for you. The moment you activate Dual-map or Flat-shift it will disable the RapidFire button feature.
If you want to use launch control and the variable limiter sound effects, then you will have to turn the knob clockwise the moment you launch the vehicle. It will no longer be automatic. The advantage is you may increase it slower to get a better grip on the track.
This is done by using the POT input combined with the Dual Map Switch. The POT will alter the RPM limiter and the Dual Map Switch will alter the Rapid-fire frequency.
The control box and cable connect to the Comm port connecter, so no need to change any wiring on the existing ECU.

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