Digital Fan Control Unit


Harnesses included


Some of the latest engine fans are speed-controlled by the ECU. The fan itself has built-in electronics and the ECU only supplies a PWM pulse at a specific frequency.

For the first version, we used the Pluto & Pluto2 ECU Hardware & the ECU software.

Click here to find the description of which values are used to adjust the Digital Fan Control Unit
in our Downloads section.

Digital Fan Control manual PDF
Pluto Fan Control Drawing PDF
Pluto Fan Control Inputs & Outputs Drawing PDF

Harnesses needed for the Pluto Fan Control are the E37-P1 Input Harness & the E38-P2 Output Harness


  • Adjustable temperature limits with dead band.
  • Adjustable Fan duty cycle curve for fast or slow reaction time.
  • Override input for racing to initiate maximum speed.
  • Air conditioner input for the cooling condenser.
  • Different Temperature Sensor curves for standalone or Tap-In sensor applications.
  • 2 x Additional GP outputs to activate extra digital fans or alarms etc.
  • Led indication on the Pluto case for main fan control active or override activation.
  • Different Fan types selections to ease operation.

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