Spitronics Mercury Coil Driver (6 - Way)



Required for 6 Basic Coils with no built in Igniters. The Mercury Coil Driver is a quality high performance spark generator. It comes in 2×2, 4×4 and 6×6 configuration. It is very compact and epoxy filled. The drivers are over-current and over temperature protected in short circuit circumstances.

It has a primary cut-off voltage of 360V which will generate around 36kV breakthrough voltage. It can be used with other ECU systems.

Mercury Coil Driver: Specs. / Pin Layout / Harness Drawings & Overviews. 

Mercury Coil Driver Pin Layout

Harness Drawings
MC1-P1 Harness
MC2-P2 Harness
MC4-P2 Harness
MC6-P2 Harness

Harness Overviews
MC1 P1 Harness Overview
MC2 P2 Harness Overview
MC4 P2 Harness Overview
MC6 P2 Harness Overview



The MERCURY Coil Driver is a quality high performance spark generator designed for plain coils without built-in drivers. The Mercury ECU can drive coils with built in drivers directly but you have to use the external Mercury coil driver for basic coils.  This driver comes in 2×2, 4×4 and 6×6 driver configuration. This means each driver has a trigger signal.

If you have for example a 4 cylinder with 4 coils you will require the 4×4 driver. The mercury coil driver may be configured for wasted spark or single coil. See the wiring diagrams on these connections. The Mercury coil drivers use a specialized component that can drive the primary up to 360 Volts creating a 36 Kilo Volt output on most coils. The driver is current limited to 10 Amp and has a soft
discharge feature should the ECU not trigger it within a certain time. It has over temperature protection that will prevent overheating of the driver in long charge time duty cycles. It also has an overload LED that comes on at 4 amperes and can be used as an indication to set up charge times. See the charge time section.

Coil maximum primary voltage 360 Volt
Coil maximum charge current 10 Amp protected
Coil lockout against accidental trigger when charge signal is too long

LED Indication
Yellow Power on indication
Green Trigger indication for input signal on Channel 1
Red Overload indication for output signal on Channel 1

Power required
12V 100mA

2, 4 or 6 Coil Drivers
1 to 12 volt On Charging, 0-1 volt Off (Discharging).

2, 4 or 6 Trigger Outputs 10A 360V to ground protected

Size 95 x 60mm x 21mm
Weight 120g Epoxy Filled
2 x Connector Type Plastic Molex 8, 6

Below are the links for the Pin Layout, Harness Drawings and Harness Overviews for the Mercury Coil Driver. (See Previous Description page for links to download these PDF’s)

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