The Mercury2 is our flagship management which can be used for either engine or transmission by simply loading firmware for each application. To make life easy for you we have grouped options of harnesses, accessories and sensors together for each application. Select ECU or TCU and then select the required items for your application. Required indicates items necessary for an installation. Optional indicates items for dealers or handy features or items that may make your installation easier.

Items has links on them that will direct you to a drawing or a more detailed description. You can select items by clicking Add to Cart. You can change quantities under View Cart. Click on Get a Quote and our friendly Spitronics wholesalers will assist you further.

*Please be advised that Spitronics has no affiliation to any of the examples of any brand names used in this automated request form and are merely used as guides to help you identify specs from your applications’ / products’ technical requirements or prerequisites.