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Your Gateway to Advanced Engine Management Systems!

Look no further! Spitronics offers cutting-edge Engine Control Units (ECUs) and Transmission
Control Units (TCUs) designed to revolutionise your engine’s performance.

Why Choose Spitronics?

  • Leading Technology: Our ECUs and TCUs are at the forefront of automotive innovation, delivering precise control whilst not compromising performance.

  • Tailored Solutions: We understand the diverse needs of dealers and distributors. Spitronics offers custom engine management solutions to suit almost all applications, from Custom Engine builds, Transmission conversions, Aviation, Marine and other petrol engine applications.

  • Expert Support: When you choose Spitronics, you’re not just getting exceptional products, you’re gaining access to a team of experts ready to support you with technical assistance and guidance.

  • Global Recognition: Spitronics is a globally recognized brand, trusted by enthusiasts and professionals alike. Partnering with us means aligning your business with a name synonymous with quality.

Are you ready to unleash the power of your engine?

Tech Specs

Graph Tuning MAP, Matrix Tuning MAP or TPS, Altitude Compensation, Idle Control, Lambda
control, Dual Maps, Split Sequential Injection, Full Sequential Injection (4Cyl), V-Tech /Vanos
Cam Control, VVTI Cam Control (Open Loop), Launch Control 0°, Launch Control -30°, Launch
Recover Delay, Rapid-fire, Anti-Lag control, Flat-Shift control, RPM Calibration, Power
Management, Stepper motor control, throttle by wire control and lots more. It can drive basic
coils, injectors, solenoids, throttle by wire motors etc. directly. Can be Epoxy-filed.

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