Engine Control Unit

Quick. Easy. Robust.

Aftermarket automotive engine control units and transmission control units.

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  • Startup maps preloaded
  • No dyno or laptop required
  • Easy ‘wire-and-drive’ installation
  • DIY support online
  • 4 high voltage coil drivers
  • 4 general purpose drivers
  • Idle loop control
  • Lambda loop control
  • Water temperature sensor
  • Air temperature sensor
  • 3 BAR MAP sensor
  • Altitude sensor
  • Sequential injection
  • LED fault indication
  • Current overload protection
  • Self resetting fuses

Quality Hardware

Our hardware is manufactured in South Africa and undergoes a 3 step quality control process to ensure customer satisfaction. With 15 years experience in the industry and components that provide current overload protection, you can expect nothing less than a good quality and robust device.

Eezi Installation

Our engine management system is designed for quick and easy installations. We call it “wire-and-drive”. Colour coded harnesses, wiring diagrams and pre-loaded maps for your particular engine are included as one package. Eezi.

Eezi Tuning

With an optional potentiometer and button cable, you can tune your ECU without a laptop and without complicated tuning software. In addition, a user friendly LED fault indication sequence helps you to do fault finding quickly and easily.

1 year guarantee

If the hardware fails, we’ll exchange it for you. No trouble, no fuss – just send us the old one and we’ll send you the new one! (Terms and Conditions do apply)

1 year repair warranty

After your 1 year guarantee expires we’ll offer you an additional 1 year repair on parts.

Free software and maps

Additional maps and tuning software is available at no extra cost. Manuals and documentation are also provided free of charge.

Save money

Our engine management systems are designed to be cost effective. The DIY concept means you can save money on labour, but the option to get help is still available. Our support structure aims to assist you in getting all the help you need without spending a fortune.

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