The Firmware Programmer is used to change the programs in the hardware. It connects via a USB cable to a computer. It is also used for firmware upgrades of a product. These programs are unique to each product and they determine how the product should operate.

The USB Debug Adapter or Firmware Programmer as we call it in the manual, are used to download updated firmware or other firmware into the devices. This unit requires software to be installed and can be downloaded from You may click on the bottom link to download the software.

Firmware Programmer Software Programmer/mcu_ide.exe.  In order to download the software click here to download the program

Note:  This manual can be found under the sub folders. One rule is NEVER press a button called “Erase All Code Space”. This will wipe the unit completely and it will have to be returned to the factory. Read through the precautions part before attempting to program your device.


Each product has a selection of firmware programs. These programs are the heart of the microprocessor that initialize the product to operate in a specific way. Each engine has different sensors and electrical accessories and requires different programs. The firmware programmer allows the users to change the Firmware program in the ECU for different engines or applications.

The programmer is also used for upgrading to the latest version of the manufacturers firmware. The programmer is bought optional and not a requirement. It is very useful if the agent is far from the manufacturer. The firmware software is freeware after development. Read the Precautions first to prevent damage.

Click here to download the PDF version of the Firmware Programmer Manual.

Follow this link to Firmware Classes

Click here to download the PDF of the ECU Firmware Numbers

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