Spitronics Orbit Bluetooth / Wi-Fi Module



The Spitronics Orbit is a universal device which has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi protocol which makes applications for Mobile Apps possible. The Orbit is used for wireless communication to Spitronics devices. The Orbit has the capability to become a web however, Hyperspace Ver 3.6 Android can only connect to Bluetooth at this stage. 

It can be used with Hyperspace PC software on laptops or Hyperspace ECU Android software Ver 3.6 for using your phone to do basic tuning and fine adjustments via Bluetooth. It is also used for REAL DASH, third party Android dash application, visit www.realdash.net.

The OR01 Harness is available for the option to extend for better reception when needed. The Orbit is very popular in fixed installations where the device is mounted in difficult spaces. Orbit has mounting holes in its enclosure for this purpose.

Note: Hyperspace Android you will require an activation for each device through your dealer. There is a demo map to view the software. Click this  link to check out the  Orbit demo map in our Downloads section. Feel free to download them now and play with an offline map to check out all the features before purchase. Development for TCU will follow soon but for now this is only available for ECU software.

The manuals are also available in Downloads on the Spitronics Website or, click this link to download the PDF version of the Orbit Manual. Ask your supporting dealer for more info.

Click this link to download the PDF version of the Hyperspace ECU Android Software Manual Ver 3.6.

Step to Step guide to downloading Hyperspace software

Hyperspace ECU / TCU Android software Ver 3.6

WIFI Module Manual

Click here to check out the Spitronics Mobile Tuning App

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