M03 - P3 Harness



Products that can use this harness

  • Mercury and Mercury2

Click here to download PDF version M03 – P3  Harness Overview 

M03 – P3 Harness Drawing


M03-P3 Harness

Products that can use this harness
• Mercury and Mercury2

• This old style Level 1 harness was part of the economy series for Mercury and some people still prefer them today to save on expenses. The harness contains all ECU connections from the 8 Way Connector for most engine combinations.

Design Points to take Notice of.
• This harness has 6 negative drivers used for injectors or other features.
• It has the RPM Output for tachometers.
• It has GP1 output for general purpose features.

Wire Names and connections on this harness:

6x Negative outputs (Striped Black)
RPM Output (Green)
GP1 Output (Blue/Orange)

See the design drawing for thickness and lengths or wires. See the connection drawings in the specific product manual on how to connect the harness to each item it was designed for.

NB! Wires that are not connected must be isolated to prevent shorts or interference.

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