The Spitronics ORION2 Automotive Controller is designed to be a versatile low cost replacement for high tech Vehicle Electronic Units. This versatile management can be used on most engines, transmissions and other products in the motor industry.

Sold in different class options makes our product viable to use on smaller applications as well as more complex jobs. Used for various applications such as racing engines, vehicle conversions, custom built vehicles, aftermarket ECU & TCU replacement for production vehicles, etc.

The Orion2 unit is designed to connect directly to most sensors and drive units found on engines, transmissions and other products. Able to read signals from sensors like water & air temperature, throttle position, manifold pressure, crank angles, cam angles, lambda, fuel pressure etc. directly. It can drive basic coils, smart coils, injectors, solenoids, throttle by wire motors etc. directly.


Features includes:

  • Altitude Compensation 
  • Anti-Lag
  • Boost safety control
  • Cam control
  • External Map Sensor 
  • Flat Shift control
  • General Purpose Outputs – Up to 10 GP drivers can be used if there are enough available. They can be used for injectors, fan control, shift light, Aircon Cut-Out on Pull-Off or Up-Hill etc.
  • Idle control
  • Lambda control
  • Launch Control
  • Line pressure control
  • Rapid Fire (Exhaust Control)
  • Rotary Systems – The 2 rotor engines are covered by this Orion2.
  • Start-Up Maps included
  • Stepper motor control
  • Throttle by wire control
  • Tiptronic
  • Tuning map can be locked to prevent tampering. Useful for engine builders who gives guarantees.


Fuel Delivery

  • Different Tuning options such as graph or matrix can be selected.
  • Injection methods such as Batch, Split Batch, Split Sequential and Full Sequential are offered with the Orion2. Full Sequential can only be done for 4 Cylinder.
  • Fuel is calculated with MAP or TPS sensor signals versus RPM or a combination of the two. This will accommodate most engines ranging from daily commuter to racing and from economy to performance.
  • Adjustable MAP sensor, reading angle for multiple throttle body systems.
  • Dual injectors can be used in two methods. Staged injectors namely Ratio adjust or Graph Fazed method.
  • Injector trimming up to 4 injectors can be used for Full Sequential Injection. Full Sequential can only be done for 4 Cylinder.


Ignition Spark & Timing

  • The Orion2 can manage Distributors, Wasted Spark coil packs, Wasted Spark COP coils or Full Sequential spark systems. Full Sequential can only be done for 4 Cylinder.
  • Most Smart Coils with built in drivers and Basic Coils without drivers can be connected directly. Orion2 has up to 6 HV coil drivers built in.
  • Orion2 can also use the Mercury Coil drivers to free up internal drivers. Coil drivers can be stacked to accommodate V8 systems and V8 Dual Coil engines. The latter have 16 coils.

Unit can be reprogrammed remotely by a software boot loader. Unit is a compact design making it easy to mount in the driver’s compartment. Can be purchased with the option of being epoxy filled making the unit very robust and water tight for very harsh environments. Activations of features can be done over the internet.

Designed with the novice & professional installer in mind, making it easy to tune and install.

Orion2 ECU