Fuel Delivery

  • Accurate fuel amount and injection timing gives better performance and fuel consumption due to constant atomization on each cylinder.
  • Injection methods such as Batch, Split Batch, Split Sequential and Full Sequential are offered with the Mercury2.
  • Different Tuning options such as graph or matrix can be selected.
  • All graphs or matrix data are interpolated to smooth fuel calculation accuracy for the best performance though the operating ranges.
  • Fuel is calculated with MAP or TPS sensor signals versus RPM or a combination of the two. This will accommodate most engines ranging from street to racing and from economy to performance.
  • Other sensors that are used to alter the fuel mixture are Water, Air, Altitude, Lambda, Battery Volts, Fuel Pressure and throttle response from the driver.
  • Fuel injection timing is adjustable on gear type crank angle sensors as low as 12 pulses per revolution. This will result in a 30° angle resolution or smaller.
  • Adjustable MAP sensor, reading angle for multiple throttle body systems.
  • Dual injectors can be used in two methods. Staged injectors namely Ratio adjust or Graph Fazed method.
  • Fuel pressure control can be done with pressure compensation maps.
  • Injector trimming up to 8 injectors can be used for Full Sequential Injection.
  • Fuel enrichment can be adjusted during Launch, RapidFire or retard functions.


Features includes

  • Complete Firmware for Most Engines.
  • Idle Control & Cold Start
  • Launch Control
  • Anti-Lag Control
  • Flat-shift Control
  • RapidFire – This launch feature will make a machine gun sound in the exhaust which is desired by the drifting crowd. The frequency is adjustable and the amount of flames displayed at the outlet.
  • Rotary Systems – The 2 & 3 rotor engines are covered by this Mercury2. 4 & 6 Rotors can be done as well.
  • External Map Sensor
  • Altitude Compensation
  • Fuel Pressure control
  • Fuel Pressure control
  • Standard Tuning Software for all classes – features that are not used or allowed in the firmware will be blanked out.
  • Start-Up Maps included
  • Tuning map can be locked to prevent tampering. Useful for engine builders who gives guarantees.