Located in South African this family owned enterprise consists of a full time, in-house Research and Development Team who are responsible for all software-, hardware-, firmware- programming development and product planning as to provide state of the art Engine Management and Transmission Control systems.

The Spitronics Team are constantly developing new products and suppling existing customers with upgrades as to keep up with trends and technology. Through an active hands-on involvement and relentlessly brainstorming innovative ideas and trends Spitronics is able to consistently expand product capabilities and compete in the international playground establishing a growing global network of people passionate about performance.

Our aim is to provide dynamic products and innovative performance solutions, we believe to achieve this objective a constant commitment to growth is paramount in this radically fast paced evolving Automotive Performance and Electronic Industry.

Spitronics Micro Ignitions, established in 1991, originated due to an Automotive Industry need at the time and so development of our electronic on-board management systems and related solutions was born. This enquiring passion for technological grew into what Spitronics is today.


“Our passion is evident through our drive!”