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Compressed Archives

Compressed .rar archives require specific software to be extracted. Freeware is available for download here


The manuals' file names are self-explanatory and will indicate if it relates to software or drawings, which version and type of software, and also for which product it pertains to.

There is a Read Me file that explains on how to extract the file and relevant links to the software for extraction. We use an HTML program to manufacture the manuals so that we can also embed them in the software. The latest Hyperspace software has the software manual embedded under the Help function. The manuals hold a lot of information and this program make search and links a lot easier to use, once you get the hang of it. It is also easier than PDF to update with search structures etc.

In the new Hyperspace manual is a section on how to use the manual so that you can find stuff very fast. Each page has hyperlinks to jump to relevant sections for easy cross reference. Some anti-virus programs block information but the Read Me file explain on how to make the data visible.

Please refer to the folder and file called "How to get started with Spitronics". If you have any problems, please email us or one of our dealers to help you with the manuals and getting you started.

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