About Spitronics

Spitronics is a design and manufacturing company that is situated in South Africa. We specialize in designs of electronics and mechanical products since 1991. Our main product is After Market Engine Management Systems. Spitronics has a full time, in house Research and Development Team that consists of software-, hardware-, firmware- and research engineers. We constantly design new products and upgrade existing ones. This ensures the end user of the latest technology.


Spitronics makes use of surface mount technology and an Automated Machine Process for production manufacturing. This process results in more reliable quality products at reduced cost and smaller physical dimensions. This will ensure the end user of the best value for his money. Each product go through a Three Stage Quality Control Process before they are shipped to independent wholesalers.

Dealer Network

Spitronics has a comprehensive Infrastructure with passionate people to provide friendly support. From wholesalers across South Africa, to a network of independent distributors and dealers, both local and international, to assist the consumer with installation, back-up and service. Training is offered by Spitronics or the wholesalers on a regular basis, to help independent distributors and dealers keep up with the latest technology designed by Spitronics. E-Mail support is extensive to help customers in distant places.


Spitronics is actively involved with a number of motorsport events across the country where technical support is made available, such as 4x4, drag, circuit and oval track racing.


Our website are packed with all the latest files and programs so please browse through it and download the relevant information on it. Update firmware are posted regularly and is free of charge. If you have any inquiries do not hesitate to contact us on our website for advice and service.

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